Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The new mobile Friendly update from Google has announced

The new update from Google has reported stating that the Google will be updating their mobile friendly algorithm in 2016. 

This update is going to have the huge impact on the rankings of the website, those sites which are mobile friendly will get the additional boost and those which are not easy to use on mobile will be penalized by lowering down the ranking.

Here are the important points noted down

If your site is already a mobile friendly, you will be not impacted by this update but remember your each page should be easy to use over the mobile search

  Remember the power of relevancy and great content are still there! Even if the page has high authority and not mobile friendly, it could still rank well if it has a great relevant content. If the query deserves the page content, even if the page is non-mobile friendly then it will still rank.

The very first mobile friendly algorithm has been launched on April 21st last year. You can discuss your ideas regarding Google’s new update at Twitter

Monday, 17 October 2016

5 Website Design Mistakes that you need to stop

While designing a website, there are much more things that need great care because these mistakes are very dangerous for your business.

Following are the mistakes that need to avoid while designing a website;

No spelling or grammatical mistakes:
This is not a web design mistake, but it is one of the essential factors affecting the overall quality of a website. Make sure that your links texts do not contain grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

Not Answering Users' Questions:
The user can visit your sites because there is something they want to achieve maybe even information about your products. The ultimate failure of a website is to fail to update the information users are looking for. The bad example of not answering user’s question is to avoid listing the price of product and services. Price is the most important information for customer use to understand the behavior of an offering and not providing it makes people feel lost and reduces their understanding of a result line.

Images fill in life to a website:
You have uploaded some images to your website. Either it does not blend in with the tone of your brand or it does not come with a good resolution, or the focus is unclear. The user cannot get your website; they leave from your website. This is the big mistake of the web designer, what you can do for solving this mistake? You hire the professional photographer or illustrator who could help you with the same. They can easily create an image deck for you. If your images are beautiful, clear and clean on the website then the customer can visit on your site.

Bad Navigation:
Website Navigation should be perfect and ease to the users to find their ways around effortlessly. If you are using the hyperlinks as the navigation, it should be concise and stand out from the body of the text, but ensure that the links are working fine. The dead links will leave your audience with the bad experience.

Complicated registration forms
Always be specific with the information you need from the users, gone are the days where the visitor enters detail information to register on the website. Now users quickly switch to other sites if you are frustrating them with the mandatory fields to fill up. Remember, if you are expert in impressing your site at the first instance, you are half way to convert your visitors into customers.

Not only these, there are other factors like never subscribe the users without his consent, don't use background music, avoid using URL complex structure, cluttered pages, Don't break the back button, Do not use popups and also make sure to include the contact details.

Keep your website simple, usable and user-friendly. avoid these mistakes and enable your website to boost its conversions. you can also check the most common mistakes that makes your website looks unprofessional.
Ensure that you consult to the professional Web Designers to effectively design and developed your professional website. 

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