Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The new mobile Friendly update from Google has announced

The new update from Google has reported stating that the Google will be updating their mobile friendly algorithm in 2016. 

This update is going to have the huge impact on the rankings of the website, those sites which are mobile friendly will get the additional boost and those which are not easy to use on mobile will be penalized by lowering down the ranking.

Here are the important points noted down

If your site is already a mobile friendly, you will be not impacted by this update but remember your each page should be easy to use over the mobile search

  Remember the power of relevancy and great content are still there! Even if the page has high authority and not mobile friendly, it could still rank well if it has a great relevant content. If the query deserves the page content, even if the page is non-mobile friendly then it will still rank.

The very first mobile friendly algorithm has been launched on April 21st last year. You can discuss your ideas regarding Google’s new update at Twitter

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